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VMConnector extension for Virtuemart

VMConnector latest NEWS


VMConnector module documentation for Virtuemart / Joomla regroups all links, samples and templates to learn about how to handle VMConnector Module.

VMConnector is a Joomla / Virtuemart installable module which enables client / server application programming where the server is Joomla + Virtuemart + VMConnetor and where the client is your local pc or enterprise server hosting your accounting system, products database or other.



VMConnector for Virtuemart workflow





Item Title Hits
Live VMConnector DEMO 76378
Download VMConnector latest Evaluation version 56853
VMConnector web services functions description 35331
Code samples - PHP - VB - C Sharp 27924
VMConnector Web services functions input-outpout parameters 11812
JFConnector plugin for VMConnector 11797
VMConnector News: Product Types 8424
Manage parent product item attributes (v.1.1.43++) 7879
Demos & Help links 6833
VMConnector XLS fields and commands 6773
Creating VM Category levels with VMConnector 4779
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